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Monday, March 18, 2013

A "Heads Up," A Head Buried

Last night after cleaning up the last of the Zuckfoltzfus St Pat's dinner, I was thinking it was time to update the blog. It's been a while and a lot has happened. My intention last night was to update on the progress of the brewery and talk about what a fabulous night we had with our guests. And then this morning, we awoke to a "lovely" inbox message from someone giving us a "heads up." It seems this person who we don't even know has decided to be some type of townie vigilante. We were informed that its not nice for us to speak ill of those speaking ill of us, because we are not from here. Apparently only those five generations deep in the county can say bad things about people who they don't know. This was all in reference to an earlier blog post he apparently doesn't like. We should be careful what we write and how we write things because people might be reading this. We sure as hell hope they are! He was "just giving (us) a heads up." Just a suggestion, if you don't like what we write, don't read it. Especially if you don't drink beer. Why would you be following us online other than being some cyber stalker, or just plain damn weird? Of the 7,472 residents of Mount Joy borough, 7,439 of them have been pretty damn nice to us. They're enthusiastic, supportive and excited about the idea of something "different" coming to town. We're really only talking about three people, plus the vigilante, who actually no longer even lives in Mount Joy. At many points during this process, people have mentioned how there are some folks who are fighting "progress." I don't think this is even a fight against progress, but a fight against "different," against doing things differently than they personally do. "I don't like beer." Hey guess what?? GOOD FOR YOU! I don't like old sheds. I don't like beige cars. I don't like a lot of things, but I really don't care if you do - nor would I try to stop you from enjoying them. "Different" is simply not embraced by some folks. Again, they're merely a glaring minority. Not to be bogged down by the three asskateers, things have been going well. We are completely done with the interior painting and even have some things hung on the walls. The mens room is now CLEAN, which actually is worth mentioning considering what it had been. The brew system has been moved in(for those of you neighbors who haven't had your noses pressed against the glass to already know that) and we have our federal application rolling right along. While working on all that, we've had a lot of really nice visitors who always ask when we expect to be open. Our answer is still May. We've also been working hard at promotional events. Last night for St Pat's, ten lucky guests enjoyed five exceptional courses by Chef Steve Painter from Bent Creek Country Club. (The food was enough to make us want to join!) This Thursday we've been asked to participate in an IPA event at Prudhomme's Cajun in Columbia. And then for Main Street Mount Joy's 4th Friday, we'll be having a couple free samples and hopefully t-shirts, should they be delivered by then! There's talk of even having some very nice music in the brewery that night, too. After that, we're going on lock-down for all events and visitors in order to prepare for our opening, now just around the corner. A number of people have been kind enough to ask about our dog Porter. If its a story you're following, I'll be posting an update next week on the boy. And until then.... keep on Zuckin'!

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