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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Smooth Seas Never Make Skilled Sailors

...even of a tiny canoe. Are you getting this common theme? Since our last writing, we've been becoming more deeply entrenched in "How to Build A Brewery," mostly in the literal sense. There's been a mad hunt for additional matching bar stools we'll be needing, but are suddenly nowhere to be found in any store. Pieces for the back wall have been pulled together, despite some near throw downs in the aisles of the local Lowe's (Sarah decided to just roam the aisles rather than squabble.) And while Amos has been threatening to dismantle garden beds to build the base of the bar, he's cracked the whip on Sarah "paint faster, woman!" Several walls are near completion, yet several walls remain to be done. Visitors, we've had many. Some have come for the first time, some for the second. Everyone is enthusiastic "we're so excited you're opening this place." Good thing, we need you to be excited! Despite the slowdown on painting that comes with visitors, its what keeps us going on some difficult days. Why would we build this place if nobody cared it was there? For Sarah, that's never been a concern. Amos, he takes some convincing. But with 400+ Facebook likes and dozens of enthusiastic visitors on workdays, even he is coming around. Then there is paper. This seems to be a sticky point for the Zucks. Currently we sit waiting for our brewer's bond which was said to be arriving last Wednesday or Thursday. Until we have that piece of paper in hand, we are on hold for our federal and state licenses. Those are the little things that allow us to actually SELL beer. Giving it away is fun. But hey, we've got two kid's tuitions to pay and unfortunately neither schools accept our good looks, charm - or beer as forms of currency. More paper... time to earn some cash while waiting for those licenses. Preparing to move the system over and install all the plumbing, a requirement for inspection for licensing, we attempt to open our doors for homebrew classes, building our network and sharing our knowledge. It seems simple, to us anyway. But more paper muddles our idea. There's confusion, uncertainty. It hasn't been done before. To Sarah, this makes it even more appealing. Leaders go first.

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