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Monday, March 25, 2013

They Came, They Saw, They Drank....

Ever think of opening a brewery? Here's what a week in the life looks like: Starting on Sunday, the rush was on. It was St Patrick's Day and we hosted a sit down dinner for ten lucky guests. This time, we were thankfully assisted by Chef Steve Painter. Okay, he did more than "assist." He made five fabulous courses that were out of this world good (even to a "food snob). While Chef Steve cooked, Sarah and Amos ran frantically, serving, clearing and pouring, and pouring, and pouring. And then there was some more pouring. Red ale, oatmeal stout, and peanut butter oatmeal stout were washed down with a little sample of our now famous Whiney Sarah IPA (more on the fame later) Monday was clean up, clean up, clean up. Do we really own that many glasses?? Tuesday, work at the brewery hanging things and starting the massive cleanup. Looking forward to some much needed Zeke-free quiet time, we hit the couch and started a movie. The doorbell rings. We have thirsty guests and are sampling until 10pm! Wednesday morning starts off early, Amos out the door by 6:30am to milk the chickens and feed the goats. Okay, he was picking Zeke up from Morgantown. We're tired, really tired, but the big push is really just starting .... Thursday brings us a full day of assembling, hanging and building over at the brewery, followed by our spectacular host, Sharon Prudhomme over at Prudhomme's lost Cajun in Columbia. It's their Hoppin' Good Time IPA event and they've asked us to join. Load up the Whiney Sarah (hey, I was a little tired by then) and head over to the event. Mobs, throngs, the masses, have all joined us there and sampled, leading to the vote in which Zuckfoltzfus Whiney Sarah IPA beats brews from Lancaster Brewing and Troeg's. Yes, you read that correctly! And as if that weren't enough .... Friday it's back to work at the brewery to put the final touches on the place for our very first 4th Friday. Silver City Rodeo played some amazing music in the background as yet another mob of thirsty Zuckers filled our place to indulge in some samples of amazing beer and spent grain pretzels. With the event ending at 8pm, naturally people still arrived as late as 9pm. Dinner?? Nah, that was a mere handful of pretzel nuggets. Rise and shine at 4-something a.m. as the Zuck-dogs are just a wee bit off schedule, Amos, Sarah and Zeke being gone for the bulk of three straight days. Back to sleep after fertilizing the yard, Amos and Sarah are unconscious until 9:15am - a true rarity. Zeke, well he sleeps until 11am all the time. The day is spent scouring for three bay sinks and dishwashers, hanging more stuff and unclogging a brew toilet before heading off to the PIAA state basketball championship games. Dinner??? Yeh, we can tell you where to go if you want to sit waiting for it for 45 minutes, only to run out the door and eat salty, chicken jerky "tenders" on the fly. Sunday, Amos kegs and kegs and kegs. Sarah spends four hours trying to clean up the much neglected Zuck yard. Exhausted, we hit the couch "early" at 7:30pm, the three of us plus the two Zuck dogs ... all spent. Sprinkle in the usual paperwork, communications from the feds, insurance panics and messages from people who don't drink beer about people who do.... and you have a week of "So You Want to Open A Brewery?" This week, the park will be closed folks... Its time to "rest," as much as we ever do, and spend a little alone time. Next free samples??? Hmmmm.... most likely Prudhomme's Craft Beer Fest in about one month. Keep on Zuckin'

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