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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Meeting Our Friends, and Neighbor

Saturday was one of those days the Zucks will remember for a long time. It was our first day really working in the brewery, Amos assembling bar stools while Sarah painted walls. Mount Joy was being gently covered with snowflakes and we had our first opportunity to see from the inside out what a winter day would look like from inside our cozy little brewery - and it was spectacular. One of the things we fell in love with when we found our brewhome was the abundance of windows. There are more windows than there are walls (Sarah likes this for painting). From the front, we have a great view of the future home of the Mount Joy train station and a slice of the intersection at Main Street. From the bar side, hedges. Big hedges. Those need to come down some so the mommies at Paula's Baton School know we're there. And the other side, a glimpse of the alley actually named Henry Street and a sliver of Amtrak property some folks use as their private property for parking and such. Work was pleasantly interrupted every few minutes or so by new friends who popped over to introduce themselves and see what was going on. One man brought some of his own home brewed beer. One woman offered the suggestion of a beer version of bloody marys which we'll definitely be doing. And there were a couple familiar faces, too, like our adopted son Rufus and our friend Ed who both bee keeps AND is making a homemade canoe. It was all puppies, butterflies and rainbows, sprinkled with lots of "I can't wait for you guys to open." And there was a visit by a neighbor. Amos and Sarah are no strangers to adversity. We're no silver spoon brats who've never struggled and over the course of both our lives we've had our share of "bad juju" and heard our share of personal insults. But you don't insult Amos' beer. What started as a reasonable curiosity about what we're doing in there (and thanks for finally asking us directly rather than gossiping) turned to a list of don'ts. "I don't do ____" and "I don't____" and "I DON'T LIKE BEER." B.A. (before Amos), Sarah wasn't much of a beer drinker other than the occasional PBR during lawn care. So there was the reasonable response of "you probably just haven't found the right beer." The neighbor took a sniff of one of Amos' prize brews he was enjoying a pint of while working. "EWWWWW!!!! It stinks!! EWWWWW!!!!"    So we likely haven't made a new customer, nor were we even able to make a new friend to name a beer after.  No need to be bitter, just keep on zuckin'

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