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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Red Tape, Blue Tape

Oof, what a week. Believe us, the brewing is the fun part - and then there's the rest. The week started, or maybe it was last week ending with, notification that someone somewhere owed the borough $6,000 for what basically amounts to water use. Lucky for us, that someone ended up not being us directly but unfortunately that weight fell on our building owner, a local contractor we've grown very fond of through this process. Seeing how in the future there could be more coming down the pipe, pun intended, we've started to look at ways to reduce water use in the brewery. Hint: pee before you come over and hold it until you leave. And back in the world of paper temporary signs, we heard a bit of gossip that the paperwork for the approval to be approved to have the sign had been approved. Yes, we can now hang our temporary sign. It's very exciting. NIMBY gossip continued to spread through the sprawling borough of Mount Joy this week, once again. We find it rather odd, and amusing in a sick and annoying sort of way,that people don't come directly to us with their questions, concerns, comments and complaints yet flap their gums around town. The complaint about the Zuckfoltzfus name was replaced this week by a gentleman with a parking concern, who also is concerned that the body of the woman who previously lived in what is now our brewery is "rolling in her grave." We're sure there are several ordinances, laws, rules and regulations that forbid grave rolling, especially within the borough. Don't get us wrong, it wasn't an entirely bad week. We managed to get quite a bit of painting done, including one of the two ADA bathrooms and a good portion of the brew room. We had the painting done for our handicapped parking space, one of the two spaces we have. We even passed muster other than a couple roll bars in the bathroom being 1/16th of an inch or so off, allowing us to officially occupy the premises. And we chose the official PA wine of Zuckfoltzfus Brewing Co., Grandview Winery of our very own Mount Joy. Who would have thought this place was chic enough to have a winery?! So when things are looking to be a little more difficult than you have the time, patience, money and energy to deal with, look at those who made it through this before you, and keep on Zuckin'.

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