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Sunday, January 13, 2013

So Far ...

Well folks, we've come a long way since our last posting, sort of ...

We've managed to sign a lease at our first choice of locations here in Mount Joy and with the help of the building owner, we've been making changes to the space to accommodate our needs and the many rules and regulations imposed on us by various bureaucracies.  All in all, things are looking quite good over at the new home of Zuckfoltzfus Brewing Co.

Since our last posting, we've been playing around with various recipes we hadn't tried before and perfecting ones we've tried and enjoyed.  In the research and development phase, most things are going exceptionally well.  But hey, we count of the feedback of friends and complete strangers to let us know how good the beer is ... and they say its good.

Red tape, red tape, red tape - we're chock full of it.  At this point we are waiting for what we'll just refer to as "Level 1" to sign off so we can move forward to "Levels 2 and 3."   This is not the fun part but to date we really haven't run into any problems, with minor exception of one or two NIMBYs - but we don't spend much time thinking about them.

Speaking of the reception we're receiving, its warm, enthusiastic and highly supportive of our endeavor.  We've been inspired by the outpouring of support for the craft brew community, particularly those in Mount Joy who have reached out to us via Facebook or sometimes our doorbell.  This is the fun part.  We're enjoying getting to know quite a few new friends.

Last but not least, we're working this week to put together a fabulous dinner for next Saturday night.  A handful, okay four handfuls, of new friends will be joining us for a private dinner with help of our neighbors at Green Market Co, Breakaway Farms and Pies Galore.  In these early stages, opening our home and kitchen to our future clientele is the way we help spread the good word about Zuckfoltzfus Brewing Co.  Good beer, good food and good company - it's how you spell Zuckfoltzfus.

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