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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Long Time, No Post

No, we haven't been slacking off, not when it comes to the brewing anyway.   Since the system arrived, Amos has brewed every weekend with the exception of one.  And all the beer has been fantastic including the oatmeal stout, whiny Sarah IPA, Squirrel Bait Nut Brown Ale and Christmas Ale.   The Honey Zuck Buckwheat was great too, although Amos says he hates it (he hates Sarah's ideas.)

Now, getting the beer out to the public .... we love giving it away but actually need to make a little money off this sometime soon.  We've identified a commercial space in Mount Joy, PA and hope to soon be announcing an opening date and specifics on the location.  What we can tell you is it will be in the near future and it will be unique!

We're in the thick of licensing, leasing and all putting all the details together.  At this point, progress will be happening almost daily, we hope, so stay tuned for updates ....

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