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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The One We've Been Waiting To Write

Almost one month ago today, we found out there were not one but two petitions filed against the issuance of our brewpub license, the one that allows us to fill your pint glass and you to drink it at Zuck's.    The past month has been one of the most stressful of both our lives, as we fought to open our doors after eight months of pouring every moment and penny into our business. There were serious doubts we'd financially make it through the hearing the PLCB anticipated being in about four months.

Also during this past month, nearly 1,000 of you came out to support us by commenting, liking, sharing, signing our petition and contacting anyone you could think of who could help us.  You came out in droves to buy and fill growlers, to stay and have a meal with a stinkin' "mocktail."   So many of you came in and said "we heard about your story and we're hear to support you."  Before anything else is said, we have to say "thank you."   You gave us hope in some very dark times and we'll never forget the active, vocal supporters who have rushed to our side.

As of this morning, the only remaining obstacle in our way, the remaining petition filed by a neighbor, has been withdrawn.   The PLCB is in receipt of his letter and has stated there are no other outstanding issues preventing the issuance of our brewpub license.  From this point, the letter goes to a chain of command through three supervisors and to a final board for stamping because of the proximity of the church to us.  This is the policy the PLCB has in place for any establishment opening within 300 ft of a church.  We're lucky our church neighbors are kind, reasonable people who have already provided statements they do not oppose our licensing.

According to PLCB, we are talking a matter of days, not weeks or the forecasted months, to have our license.    We have asked our connections within to keep us informed and to receive a copy via email immediately. And the moment we know, you sure will, too.

What can we say to you after an experience like this??  Perhaps the best thing would be that we chose our town for all the right reasons, something you've really shown us in full force this past month.  So let's get together in a week or so, fill a pint glass and toast to new friendships, good people and the future of our little brewpub.

Zuckin' Right!

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