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Monday, April 29, 2013

Are We Too Old To Do This??

Let's just start with saying "oof!" There's a reason we haven't updated in a couple weeks,and busy would be an understatement. Since our last post, the race to open has been on. We currently hold our federal license and the four state licenses, count them, FOUR, are well underway. What it has taken to get to that point is a lot of paperwork, planning, paying and building. Our kitchen is completely done, our dining space is waiting on the delivery of a couple glass table tops and our bar is nearly complete, waiting for a delivery of cork for the bar front later this week. Sinks, we've got plenty. Want to open any type of food establishment? Get ready to buy sinks ... in bulk. "When are you going to open??" If we had a dollar for every .... Here's how it works, folks. We have to get cleared to brew for sales, which is different than brewing for personal consumption. Once that happens, we begin stockpiling beer which needs to sit for a bit before its ready. We anticipate being open for growler fills and sixtel sales for a short period before serving on tap. It's one of the many little licensing hoops. So back to the when, we're still guesstimating by mid-May - pushing, shoving and scrambling in every way we possibly can The beer will be young, but there will be beer. Still get questions on whether or not we will have food, yes, that's the "pub" part of "brewpub." We're actually required by PA law to have "food available." That can mean a lot of things, but to the Zucks its going to mean GOOD. We're still sourcing some amazing local cheeses, cured meats and honey and of course have our spent grain pretzels and meat pies lined up. We figure on offering 5-6 different foods each day, always changing based of fresh and available. The menu will strive to be a balance of "updated local classics" and "out-o-towners," introducing some foods that aren't yet on too many menus out here, but should be. Lastly, many thanks to our new friends and brew neighbors. We've been fortunate to have the enthusiasm and kindness of so many people coaching us to the finish line. This isn't a process for the faint of heart. It's a lot of long days, big bills, blisters and headaches. We looking forward to the now IMMINENT opening day to give a face to face thank you to all of you for cheering us on these past several months. PS For those of you who continue to ask about Porter and keep him in your thoughts, he's doing well, getting over his PTSD slowly. Having his young brother Otis to run around the yard with in the good spring weather is serving him well. He actually went right up to our neighbor and said hello, just like he did before he was attacked. We were quite encouraged to see that. Zuck on!

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