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Monday, January 21, 2013

Guess Who Is Coming To Dinner ...

In true Zuck fashion, the moment the first of our guests started arriving for our popup dinner so did our favorite Mount Joy police officer.  I'm sure the appearance of us having hired security impressed the guests, as did a line of complete strangers introducing themselves coming through the door impress the officer.  (He very politely did not ask what was going on)  In any event, he came to deliver very good news that set the night off on a very positive tone for us.  Charges have been filed against Porter's attacker.  It had been a very difficult week to say the least.  Maybe having a huge dinner party and unveiling of the beer was a good distraction, but I know at several points during the week long prep, Porter's incident distracted from what needed to be done.

And then there was a house full of people!  It was fascinating finally putting all the faces with the names we've been collecting on our Facebook page for these last six weeks or so.  Getting to know some of the personalities as we worked our way around from person to person was quite interesting.  Amos remarked that he spoke to one man a few times before realizing he had a British accent!  And there were the volunteers, those guys who pitched in handing out meat pies or washing pint glasses so the next beer could be sampled.

Our vendors, glorious to say the least.   The lovely couple from Pies Galore & More showed up with these giant trays filled with meat pies and chocolate lava cakes that could send anyone into a diabetic coma.  Green Market delivered three different appetizers, all spectacular but we fell in love particularly with these lox rolls filled with florentine cream cheese.  And then there was Breakaway Farms who dazzled us with delicate lamb, chicken and beautifully smoked sausage.  But for me the real wow was when they broke out bacon ice cream.  (We're lucky enough to be hoarding some in our freezer still)

For me the best part of the evening was towards the end when I walked into the dining room to find my beautiful husband Amos chatting away about his beer and the group listening very attentively.  To me, Amos is the most wonderful man in the world and can do anything, and well.  That moment brought a little peace in our extremely hectic and stressful life.  For those who don't know, Amos suffers a day job - emphasis on "suffers."   But that moment was a sign of wonderful things to come for the Zuckfoltzfus family, but most importantly for Amos.  We should all be appreciated, treated with respect and do something we love.

Speaking of Amos, today marks the anniversary of our first date.  Amos' preparation for the date mostly included what to not wear and what to not drive, but he couldn't hide his charm and his brilliance.  We met precisely at 7pm for a blind date and at 7:01pm precisely, I was madly in love with the greatest man on earth.

Thank you, new friends, for coming to our home and sharing a little bit of our craziness and a lot of our food and beer.  We put ourselves in a position of opening our lives up to complete strangers.  There was that moment last week that we regretted it, but you certainly restored our faith in what we're doing.

Keep on Zuckin'

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